Shopping Centre Iso Omena

1st floor next to Stadium

Piispansilta 11, 02230 Espoo



Daily changing list of delicious Filipino dishes

Lunch buffet

Weekdays 10.30 - 17.00

10,50 euro


Weekend buffet

Saturdays 11-19

Sundays 12-18

16,00 euro

Tuesday buffet


    Paksiw na lechon (L)

Sweet and tangy pork stew made of chopped lechon, vinegar, garlic, sugar and liver sauce


    Garlic fried chicken (L, G)

Chicken wings marinated in garlic and calamansi mix

    Pancit Palabok (L, G)

Corn starch noodles with ground pork and shrimp

    Tortang Talong  (L, G)

Grilled eggplant fried with eggs

    Litson manok (L)

Roasted chicken marinated in herbs & spices

    Grilled BBQ Liempo (L)

Grilled pork belly in Pinoy-style BBQ sauce

    Ginisang Munggo (L, G)

Mung bean soup in meat stock


Additionally salads, fruits, Pinoy desserts and freshly baked Pandesal bread