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Temporarily closed

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Temporarily closed

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Finnish government decided to ease up the restrictions on restaurants and allow buffet serving as of 22 June and the occupancy rate of the restaurant may now be 75% of the total number of seats. Although buffet service is allowed, at Kainan we are still monitoring the development of customer numbers because we want to avoid unnecessary food waste and cost of a buffet if customer numbers were not on sufficient level to have a profitable business to keep it open during the summer due to the corona epidemic and generally fewer customers in the summer months.


If we see that there would be enough demand for it during the summer then we will consider opening the buffet on some days of the week, so please send us a message if you are interested in it for June-July then we will see if there is a general interest in it. By August at latest, we will open it if the corona epidemic does not cause new restrictions by then.


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